(Letter from Msgr. Schaedel for bulletin of September 23, 2000)

Dear Parishioners,

"Celebration in the Spirit of Hope: The Great Jubilee" is but a memory now, but it is a wonderful memory. Itís hard to believe that after more than a year of planning this event is now past.

As you know, I encouraged all of you to consider going for this powerful event. The Holy Spirit was truly at work last Saturday at the RCA Dome. (Too bad He doesnít attend more Colts games!) It was a wonderful celebration with about 30,000 people in attendance. At least thatís what the officials at the Dome estimate. This is more than 10% of all of the Catholics in the Archdiocese of Indianapolis. We are approximately 225,000 Catholics in the 39-counties of the archdiocese in central and southern Indiana.

As pastor of Holy Rosary, I am very proud of our own participation. For a parish our size, we did out part. We had a number of volunteers and many parishioners who attended. In particular, I want to thank David Walden who coordinated all of our Holy Rosary volunteers. Special thanks to Anntoinette Nealy who made the beautiful Holy Rosary banner for the procession and to Michelle Mazza who represented all of us by carrying the banner in the opening procession.

As vicar general of the archdiocese and general chair for the entire event, Iím very proud of the whole event but also very glad that it is over!

Keep in mind that this special Mass was just the "kick off" for the third leg in our Journey of Hope 2001" Evangelization. During this next year we want to focus on evangelizing first ourselves then our brothers and sisters who do not have a Church home or who may have discontinued the practice of their Catholic Faith. (Did you know that the largest single religious denomination in the U.S. is Roman Catholic? The second largest group is non practicing Catholics!)

This takes on new meaning when we consider the new document issued by the Vatican earlier this month: Dominus IesusóLatin for "the Lord Jesus." It attacks the false notion that perhaps "one Church is just as good as another." If we believed that, why in the world would the Church spend so much time, effort, and money on missionary work? The document clearly repeats what has been the constant teaching of the Church. Salvation only comes to humankind through the person of Jesus Christ and through the Church He established to carry on His saving work.

Now, this does not mean that only Catholics can get to heaven. It does not mean that those outside the Church cannot ever be saved. This, in fact, is heresy. Many of us remember the famous Father Leonard Feeney of Boston who taught just this very heresy. Pope Pius XII excommunicated him in 1953. "No salvation outside the Church" means that salvation comes through Christ and His Church. It does not mean that a person "outside the Church" cannot be saved. Itís not really complicated, but may take some explaining. I think Iíll preach on it sometime soon.

Anyhow, Evangelization is a priority for the coming year. What can we do here at Holy Rosary to invite others to beauty and richness of our Catholic Faith? There are people who live within walking distance of this church who are inactive Catholics. There are many who are alienated from the Church because of many changes in the past 35 years.

Here at Holy Rosary, in addition to our beautiful Italian heritage and faith filled members, we have a powerful tool for Evangelizationóthe traditional Latin Mass. People come from all over to experience the richness of the Churchís liturgical heritage. Young people are often drawn to it. The Latin Mass is celebrated here with dignity, reverence, outstanding music, much solemnity, and careful attention to liturgical detail.

Believe it or not, this Sunday is the last Sunday for the month of September. Next Sunday is October 1. October 7 is the Feast of Our Lady, Queen of the Holy Rosary, patroness of our parish. October is also the month devoted to the rosary and Our Lady, Queen of the Holy Rosary.

Next weekend we will celebrate the "external Solemnity." This means that although it is a Sunday, we can celebrate the Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary on a Sunday (and Saturday evening) since this is our patronal feast.

Next Sunday, October 1, begins Rosary Month. We will have Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament and the praying of the rosary at 11:30 a.m. Those who attend the 10:00 a.m. Mass who wish to attend may stay after Mass. Those who attend 12:15 p.m. who wish to attend may come early. As is being done in all parishes served by the Priestly Fraternity of Saint Peter on the first Sunday of October, our parish and the Fraternityís apostolate here will be consecrated to Our Lady at this time. Please try to attend.

Next Sunday, October 1, is also Respect Life Sunday. Details on this and the Life Chain appear elsewhere in the bulletin. Many thanks to our new pro-life committee coordinator, Diana Klee.

In Godís Providence,

Msgr. Schaedel