Letter from Msgr. Schaedel for bulletin of August 27, 2000

Dear Parishioners,When I sit down to write these letters, checking the date; it amazes me how quickly times passes. Friday of this week will be the beginning of a new month, September! Again, I ask the question—Where does time go! At least in my eyes, the summer has flown by! The 500 Mile Race, the Italian Street Festival, the 4th of July, and all of that were over and done before I knew it.Monday, September 4, will be Labor Day. I’ve always thought of it as kind of the "unofficial end of summer." It used to be that school resumed the day after. But now, of course, school begins so much earlier. Having spent 22 years as a teacher and principal, I’m not all that convinced that all of this extra time means a whole lot.On Labor Day we will have Mass at 9:30 a.m. (English) rather than in the evening. I suggest that anytime we can, we attend Mass on civil holidays. Thank God for the chance to be able to work. Pray for the unemployed.This summer saw the passing of several of our long time faithful parishioners. May they all rest in peace. While I am thinking of that, let me report here on the Masses and Memorial received in memory of Danny Corsaro. Holy Rosary received $615.00 in Mass stipends for Danny and another $1,650.00 for memorials.A "memorial" is something we will purchase to honor the memory of a loved one. In this case, we hope to purchase some new altar cloths for the main altars and the side altars of our church. Most of the ones we have now are old and worn—not really very nice. We thank everyone who donated for this as well as any other memorial offerings received this past year.The votive candles that burn on the side altars and shrines (Blessed Mother, Saint Joseph, Sacred Heart, and Saint Anthony) burn in memory of our loved ones or for the intentions of the donor. The votive candle represents someone’s intention in prayer. The candle is a way of "continuing" that prayer before God. We come into church; we see the candle; we add our prayers to the prayers of the person who lit the candle. We don’t even know what their intention is, but we pray for them and with them. It’s a wonderful way of expressing the "Community of Faith" as well as the "Communion of Saints."Donors who have perpetual (always burning) candles on the side altars and shrines donate $10.00 per month. If you would like to have such a candle for your intentions or for your loved ones, call Bernie Greene at the parish office.As I reported last week, our elevator project is moving ahead but we’ve hit a snag. Remember that this project involves building tall narrow shaft adjacent to the east bell tower. The elevator should reach three levels: Priori Hall, the church level, and the choir loft.The bids were about twice what we expected! The engineer who is working with us on the project committee is going to carefully examine each. We suspect there is some sort of fundamental misunderstanding of what we want done or what needs to be done. Keep praying about this! (I thought it might be nice if we had one perpetual votive candle on the side altar to pray for this intention. For the bid prices that came in I figured we could have a votive candle burn for 2,100 years!)Let me remind everyone again about the major liturgical celebration of the Great Jubilee here in the Archdiocese of Indianapolis. "Celebration in the Spirit of Hope" is Mass to be celebrated at the RCA Dome on Saturday, September 16, at 2:30 p.m. (This Mass will fulfill your Sunday obligation that weekend. We will not have an evening Mass here that day.)Twenty-five bishops from around the country and most of the priests of the archdiocese will celebrate this Mass along with Archbishop Buechlein. We need volunteers to assist with this Liturgy: choir member, ushers, guides, etc. We need someone to make a parish banner for the Mass also. If you wish to volunteer or have some questions about it, contact the parish office.The seventh week of the nine-week Novena to the Holy Spirit leading up to our celebration of the Great Jubilee appears in today’s bulletin and in this week’s Criterion. Please pray for the success of our celebration.The "Angels of the Heart" project at Sacred Heart Parish is the next Saturday, September 23. I am happy to report that several Holy Rosary parishioners will be participating.In God’s Providence, Msgr. Schaedel