August 1, 1999

Dear Parishioners,

Sunday, August 1? Hey, where did July go? August is another beautiful month of Our Lady, patroness of Holy Rosary Parish. August 5 is the Feast of the Dedication of Saint Mary Major Basilica in Rome. The building of this church is the story behind the title, "Our Lady of the Snows." And, of course, August 15 is the feast of Our Ladyís Assumption into heaven.

This weekend we welcome the "Crossroads" Pro-Life Group of young people from Franciscan University in Steubenville, Ohio. They will speak briefly at all of our weekend Masses. A second collection will be taken to benefit their work on behalf of the unborn. Once you hear their story, I think you will be impressed. The Pro-Life Movement is one of the most critical apostolates in our Church and in our world today. Pray to end the terrible evil of abortion.

You may have noticed that our carpenter has begun work on our new reconciliation room or confessional in the back of church. He is taking his time to do it right and to make it match the décor of our church. I suspect it will be ready for use by mid-August.

Iíve also asked our carpenter, Tom Linder, to construct some additional storage cabinets in our "auxiliary sacristy." We have many vestments and other liturgical items that need proper storage.

Joe and Ida Mascari were generous in stepping forward to donate the $3,000.00 for the new reconciliation room. Does anyone want to donate these new sacristy cabinets in memory of their loved ones? I imagine the cost will be around $1,000.00 or less. Let me know if you are so inclined. Holy Rosary parishioners will not be outdone in generosity!

Next weekend we welcome the Missionaries of Saint Francis de Sales to Holy Rosary Parish. A missionary speak will preach at all three weekend Masses. There will be a second collection for the needs of the missions staffed by the missionaries. As usual, I know you will be generous.

By the way, the July 22 issue of The Criterion had a listing of all of our archdiocesan parishes and their responses to the various second collections for the missions throughout the years. Naturally, I sat down to compare Holy Rosary with the others. I am delighted at our response. We have every reason to be proud of how we support these second collections. We even outdo many parishes much larger than we are. Thank you! Your reward in heaven will be great.

As much as I hate to do it, I want to bring up an unpleasant topicóanonymous letters. I donít want to give anyone the impression that we get lots of them. We have only received three or four in the past year at Holy Rosary but want to "nip it in the bud." Folks, I donít read them.

A number of years ago, the archbishop taught me how to deal with such letters. Whenever I receive a letter, before I read it, I immediately check to see the signature. Who wrote it? If it is not signed, I tear it up and throw it away without reading it. (I was taught to tear it up right away so as to resist the temptation to pick it up again and read it.) The last anonymous note came this past week and was typed at the bottom of a parish bulletin. Iím assuming someone did not like what I said in the bulletin one weekend. (Who knows? Maybe every weekend!)

When I stand in the pulpit to preach, I donít wear a paper bag over my head so I can be anonymous. When I write letters in this bulletin or anywhere else, I put my name at the bottom. When I telephone you, I identify myself.

Now, Iím not above reproach. I do make mistakes and people have every right to question me or correct me. But they will be "up front" about it or they will not do it at all. Writing anonymous letters is childish; sometimes hypocritical. And, at least with me, itís a complete waste of time.

In the coming weeks, I will be saying more about inviting you to officially register in the parish if you have not done so already. Many people regularly attend Holy Rosary, but they are not registered. Thatís okay. But I want to extend a warm welcome to officially register as well. There are registration forms in the vestibule. If you like, just fill it out and hand it to Father Petko or to me. We will have a more organized way of doing this soon.

Iím going to be on vacation through August 13. Iíll be with my brother in Florida. While I am away, I will offer the following Masses for: +Tony Rene, +Phil Caito, Jr.; +Salvatore Venezia, +Marianne Bondi, +Frances Sellers, +Betty McGreevy Vaughn, +Carolyn Piazza, +Dominic Giordano, +Mary Ann Spinnato, +Betty Mazza, and for the People of Holy Rosary Parish.

In Godís Providence,

Msgr. Schaedel