Letter from Msgr. Schaedel for bulletin of July 30, 2000


Dear Parishioners,


We had a special meeting last Wednesday afternoon here at church.  Contractors were on hand for a “walk-thru” and question and answer session before presenting bids for our new elevator.  We are finally on the way!  Pray for the success of this project.


Sealed bids are due at the parish office by Friday, August 11.  Gus Stinnett continues to coordinate this project for us.  This all important project is made possible because of your generous support of last year’s Legacy of Hope, From Generation to Generation campaign.  Remember to keep your pledge payments up!  We hope to cover most of the cost from this campaign, but will probably need some additional gifts before we can actually begin.


The second to last page of last week’s bulletin contained a “Call for Volunteers.”  I’d like to highlight that call and say a bit more about both volunteer needs.


It’s always struck me as interesting how Jesus responded to the question, Teacher, which is the greatest commandment?”  Our Lord mentions two commandments—not just one.  Love God above all things and love your neighbor as yourself.  The inquirer did not ask for the top two; he only asked for the top one.  But Jesus gives him two.  (Matthew 22: 36 ff.)


That tells us that the two go together.  It’s not enough just to pray, meditate, and love God alone.  On the other hand, it’s not enough just to treat one’s neighbor kindly with no formal relationship with God or His Church.  No, we’ve got to put that love of God into action by the way we treat one another.  Here is one splendid way to do just that in practical terms:  Angels of the Heart.


Angels of the Heart is a day of community outreach by our neighboring Sacred Heart Parish.  They are celebrating 125 years this year.  It is a gesture

of thanks to God and to their neighborhood during the parish's 125th

Anniversary.  On Saturday, September 23, Sacred Heart parishioners—along with all the help they can get from their friends (that’s us) plan to spend the day fixing homes, tending to lawns, and cleaning up their neighborhood.


Some jobs may be as simple as washing windows or mowing grass.  Other jobs could be complicated like plumbing, installing new floors, scraping and painting, etc.  Their goal is to get 200-300 volunteers from their parish and surrounding parishes for these projects.


We have shown ourselves to be a very prayerful, faith-filled people at Holy

Rosary.  This is an excellent opportunity to put our Faith into action.  What does it all mean if we do not help with the material needs of our neighbors?


It is also an opportunity to build up fellowship among ourselves and with our neighboring parishes.  Our bulletin this week includes an insert that details some of the work to be done.  Volunteers are asked to fill out both sides of the form and return it to David Walden by mid-August.


Let me remind everyone again about the major liturgical celebration of the Great Jubilee here in the Archdiocese of Indianapolis.  “Celebration in the Spirit of Hope” is Mass to be celebrated at the RCA Dome on Saturday, September 16, at 2:30 p.m.  (This Mass will fulfill your Sunday obligation that weekend.  We will not have an evening Mass here that day.)


Twenty-five bishops from around the country and most of the priests of the archdiocese will celebrate this Mass along with Archbishop Buechlein.  Last week’s bulletin contained an insert asking for volunteers to assist with this Liturgy:  choir member, ushers, guides, etc.  This is another chance to volunteer—to put our Faith into action.  If you wish to volunteer or have some questions about it, contact David Walden at the parish office.  David is coordinating the volunteers for Holy Rosary Parish for this also.


During the Mass over 3,000 young people and adults will be confirmed.  Are there any adults here who have not been confirmed?  Many of those to be confirmed at the Jubilee Mass on September 16 will be active adult Catholics who for some reason were never confirmed.  If you would like to be confirmed, please see Father Duvelius or me as soon as possible.

But this is not the central focus for the Liturgy that day.  The celebration of the Great Jubilee—2000 Years of Christianity—is the focus.  Everyone is invited to attend.


The third week of the Novena to the Holy Spirit leading up to our celebration of the Great Jubilee appears in today’s bulletin and in this week’s Criterion.  Please pray for the success of our celebration.


Faithfully yours in God’s Providence,


Msgr. Schaedel