Letter from Msgr. Schaedel for bulletin of July 16, 2000


Dear Parishioners,


Holy Rosary lost a part of herself again last week.  Daniel Francis (Danny) Corsaro went home to God.  He was a faith filled, charter member of Holy Rosary Parish.  We shall miss him.


Our sympathy and prayers go out to his wife, Mag, as well as his children:  Paul, Danny, Joe, and Concetta, their spouses, the grandchildren and great grandchildren.  Your husband, father, grandfather, and great grandfather was a wonderful man.  Danny loved his Catholic Faith, his Holy Rosary Parish, and the rosary itself.  As I said at the funeral Mass, if we had a dime for every time Danny said the rosary this parish would be debt free forever!


As many of you know, Danny had not been well for some time.  He died early on Tuesday, July 11.  I had gone over to the house right before the 5:30 p.m. Mass the night before to anoint him.  That same evening, he was with his family, said the rosary with Mag as usual, and died in his sleep.  Saint Joseph, the patron of Italy, patron of Christian men and fathers, and patron of a happy death answered our prayers.  Danny truly had a happy death.


Seven priests were present for Danny’s funeral Mass on Friday, July 14.  This is a tribute to Danny and Mag’s love for their Catholic Faith and the part that the Corsaro Family continues to play here at Holy Rosary and at their respective parishes.  Here is a part of what I preached at the funeral:


“To grow, people have to go.  No person ever reaches happiness by just staying put.  In God’s plan, in order to find that next level of the Way, the Truth, and the Life, we have to move on.  When Danny and Mag were married here in Holy Rosary Church years ago, their parents and families in a sense let them go.  When they marched back down the aisle after the wedding ceremony, their lives had changed.  They belonged to each other now.  And because they left their old lives behind, they moved into a new way of living, God blessed them with Paul, Danny, Joe, and Concetta. 


Danny loved his family, his life with them.  He fought hard to hang on, to be with them.  Early Tuesday morning, after eighty-eight years, God called Danny Corsaro back to himself.  From the very beginning, God had prepared a place for him.  God said, “It’s time for the next step, Danny.  The last race has been run.  The course is now dark.  Trust Me, I have come to take you to Myself.  So that where I am, you also may be.”  And like Danny, we had no choice.  We had to let him go.


To grow in the fullness of God’s plan for him, Danny had to be taken from this life.  We know it had to be this way.  If Danny was to share in the promises of this Jesus He so firmly believed in, then we had to let him go back to God.  May he rest in peace.”


The elevator project is moving along.  Contractors will be here Wednesday for a “walk through” before they submit their bids for the project.  We hope to select a bid by mid-August.  Gus Stinnett is heading up this project.  Bernie Greene, our business manager, is also assisting Father Duvelius and me with making some decisions.


Let me remind everyone again about the major liturgical celebration of the Great Jubilee here in the Archdiocese of Indianapolis.  “Celebration in the Spirit of Hope” is Mass to be celebrated at the RCA Dome on Saturday, September 16, at 2:30 p.m.  (This Mass will fulfill your Sunday obligation that weekend.  We will not have an evening Mass here that day.)


Twenty-five bishops from around the country and most of the priests of the archdiocese will celebrate this Mass along with Archbishop Buechlein.  Last week’s bulletin contained an insert asking for volunteers to assist with this Liturgy:  choir member, ushers, guides, etc.  If you wish to volunteer or have some questions about volunteering, contact David Walden at the parish office.  David is coordinating the volunteers for Holy Rosary Parish.


During the Mass over 3,000 young people and adults will be confirmed.  But this is not the central focus for the Liturgy that day.  The celebration of the Great Jubilee—2000 Years of Christianity—is the focus.  Everyone is invited to attend.  Handicapped access and seating will be available (And much easier than getting into this church until the new elevator is installed!).


The second week of the Novena to the Holy Spirit leading up to our celebration of the Great Jubilee appears in today’s bulletin and in this week’s Criterion.  Please pray for the success of our celebration.


Are there any adults here who have not been confirmed?  Many of those to be confirmed at the Jubilee Mass on September 16 will be active adult Catholics who for some reason were never confirmed.  If you would like to be confirmed, please see Father Duvelius or me as soon as possible.


Faithfully yours in God’s Providence,


Msgr. Schaedel