July 11, 1999

Dear Parishioners,

We are now well into summer. July 4th is over; the next big holiday weekend will be Labor Day, which signals the end of summer. Not yet! Letís all enjoy summer, especially you students.

Our fiscal year for the parish ended June 30. I would like to say something this week about money. Letís remember that Jesus Himself often talked about money. In fact, some Biblical scholars say that the topic Our Lord spoke most often about was love (obviously). But the second most frequent topic was money! So, if you think it is inappropriate for the pastor or the church to talk about money, youíre out of luck. (But thatís a flimsy excuse cheapskates like to use.)

As you notice in the bulletin each week, we need about $1,600.00 per weekend to make ends meet. As of the final Sunday in June our Sunday collections total $73,761.00 versus a need amount of $81,600.00. We achieved 90% of what we need. Not bad; but not good either. I simply think our weekend collections should be better.

This coming November, along with all the parishes in the archdiocese, we will be doing an annual Stewardship Campaign. It will be time then to rethink our contributions to our parish of timeótalentótreasure. It will be done in conjunction with this yearís United Catholic Appeal for the needs of the larger Church throughout the 39 counties of our archdiocese.

However, at this time I would like to ask everyone to prayerfully consider his or her weekly contribution. Is it the same as it was five or ten years ago? Prices are certainly not what they were five or ten years ago. I think that if every single parishioner would contribute as little as $1.00 or $2.00 more per week we would be closer to what we need to operate in the black.

At this time, the collection from the 10:00 a.m. Mass goes directly to the Tridentine Mass Apostolate. It does not go to Holy Rosary Parish. However, the T.M.A. does share in many of the expenses of running the parish. In the coming weeks I want to invite members of the T.M.A. who wish to join Holy Rosary Parish as registered members. Membership in the T.M.A. and the parish are not the same thing. Some members of the T.M.A. may wish to be registered parishioners while others may not. Many T.M.A. members are actually registered in parishes closer to where they live.

Another factor in all this is the wonderful success of our annual Italian Street Festival and the Saint Josephís Table in March. I fear that since both events are so successful many think that Holy Rosary Parish is "rolling in the dough." Well, weíre not "rolling in the dough" or the pasta for that matter!

Money from Saint Josephís Table goes to assist children who otherwise may not be able to attend a Catholic School. Itís "in and out." Festival proceeds go to help our extraordinary expenses.

Whatís "extraordinary?" For the most part it is the upkeep of our aging buildings and "little extras" that we might not be able to afford otherwise. For starters, we need a new roof on the church and our other buildings. Thatís going to be in excess of $100,000. The new elevator we have been talking about will be another $100,000. Thereís no way we could pay for these things from our "regular" income through Sunday collections.

Prayerfully consider your weekly contribution to Holy Rosary Parish. I know that as always you will be generous and do what you can. I hope that at this time next year I can be writing to you telling you that our Sunday collections have kept us "in the black." Unfortunately, this year itís more like a monsignor, "in the red!"

The Parish Council met this past Wednesday. We talked about our new confessional and storage cabinets for the sacristy. Construction is supposed to begin this Monday. We discussed the proposed new elevator and new roofs. (Now you can see why I am on a "money kick" this week!)

Bernie Greene informed the Council that we do not have a final financial report on the Italian Street Festival as yet. Some bills for our expenses have yet to come in. I also spoke to the Council about our Stewardship Campaign scheduled for November. The next Council meeting is August 23.

Thank you for all you do and all you are. Holy Rosary is a great parish!

In Godís Providence,

Msgr. Schaedel