(Letter from Msgr. Schaedel for bulletin of May 14, 2000)

Dear Parishioners,

Happy Motherís Day to all mothers in our parish! This weekend we remember all mothers, living and deceased. May Mary, Mother of the Church and Queen of the Holy Rosary, pray with and for all of you! God love you! Where would any of us be without our mothers?

We had quite a scare early this week. Bernie Greene, our business manager and our "Mr. Holy Rosary" had a heart attack late last Saturday afternoon. Sunday evening, when I visited him at the hospital, we both thought that they would do some routine tests the next morning, prescribe some medication, and send him home. Boy, were we wrong! On Monday he was rushed into very lengthy surgeryóa triple bypass!

I am very happy to report that he is doing fine now, has moved to a "regular room," and getting back to normal. But he certainly had us frightened for a while. Fr. Duvelius anointed him in the operating room and God took over. We thank God for the successful surgery in time and pray for his continued and speedy recovery. If you want to send Bernie a card, you can send it to the parish office and we will see that he gets it.

As most of you know, Bernie does a million things at Holy Rosary; most of what he does we donít even know about! Thatís the way he is. But we will survive until his return. I want to thank David Walden in particular for going the extra mile and covering things. Marie Ann Mascari is helping out too. The parish office is open as usual. We hope Bernie will take as much time as he needs to recover properly and completely. Mary, Queen of the Holy Rosary, and Health of the Sick will watch over youóas you so faithfully watch over her church.

Congratulations to the five youngsters who made their First Holy Communion at the 12:15 p.m. Mass last Sunday: Joe Hess, Ashley Sansone, Daniel Sansone, Zach Sansone, and Angel Whitman. May you draw closer to Jesus each time you receive Him in the wonderful sacrament. Pray for us!

May is nearly half over and the school year for most students is winding down. Many of those students are home-schooled students. Next Saturday, May 20th, at the 4:30 p.m. Mass, the Indiana Catholic Home Schooling Association will celebrate their end of the year Mass. Many of the youngsters and their families are members of our parish; many are not. We welcome them to Mass here and look forward to praying with them. May God guard and guide all students and teachers as we approach the end of the academic year.

I imagine most of you have noticed that Iíve been harping on people leaving Mass early. As Iíve written here before, if you absolutely must leave Mass early for some serious reason, then do it. It sure beats missing Mass. But if you donít have some serious reason to leave early, and do it anyway, you ought to be ashamed of yourself.

There are 168 hours in a week. If we cannot give at least one solid hour a week (six tenths of one percent of our week) to Godóthen weíve got a problem. Is it a sin to leave Mass early? If you donít have a very serious reason for doing so, you bet it is. Besides that, itís giving bad example, particularly to young people. And thatís sinful too.

What people do in church never ceases to amaze me. Recently, I presided at a wedding in another parish. At Communion time, a young man, who was not a Catholic came up, took the Host, put it into his pocket, and went back to his seat. Luckily, the other priest with me saw this and went to the young man, explaining to him the proper procedure and retrieved the Sacred Host.

For one thing, this young man did not bother to find out the proper protocol for receiving Holy Communion in the Catholic Church. These guidelines are printed in the inside back cover of the missalette located in all of the pews, as well as the pews in this other church where the wedding took place.

I hope no Catholic would ever go into a Protestant Church or Jewish Temple without respecting the protocols and practices of that particular church. Itís common courtesy and done out of respect for the particular churchís beliefs.

The other thing is, this guy must have a screw loose. In any church, Communion is taken and eaten. Iíve never heard of a church where they take Communion so they can stick it in their pocket. Some might suspect that he was a Satanist or some other type of person who attempts to steal Hosts for Satanic or evil purposes. I donít think so. Heís just a goof. Wondersóeven in churchónever cease!

The Parish Council meeting, scheduled for last Wednesday has been postponed. Mark your calendars: The Italian Street Festival is Friday and Saturday, June 9 and 10.

Faithfully yours in Godís Providence,

Msgr. Joseph F. Schaedel