A Letter from Msgr. Schaedel for bulletin of March 12, 2000

Dear Parishioners,

Lent is upon us. We had a good crowd at each of our three Masses on Ash Wednesday. I invite you to consider attending one of the two Masses seven days a week here at Holy Rosary. The schedule of weekday Masses and other special devotions appears elsewhere in this bulletin. Lent for Catholics means three things: Almsgiving, Fasting, and Prayer.Almsgiving is generous giving to those in need. During Lent, we deliberately schedule some so-called "second collections" for special purposes. Our second collection this weekend is for the Black and Indian Missions in our country. Please be generous. There will be a second collection for some special group in need each Sunday during Lent here at Holy Rosary. Next weekend our collection will aid the Catholics of Central Eastern Europe.Holy Rosary lost a faithful, loyal member of our parish family the evening of March 3. As many of you know, Ida Mae Caito Mascari was killed in a tragic automobile accident in Georgia. Her husband, Joe, sustained minor injuries. Keep him and all of the family in your prayers.I’m going to repeat here some of the things I said at Ida’s Funeral Mass last Thursday. It’s not my intention to begin eulogizing every parishioner who dies, but Ida was and is special. On May 8 of this year, she would have turned 83 years old. On May 9 of this year, Holy Rosary Parish will turn 91 years old. For 83 of our 91 years, Ida Mae Caito Mascari was part of the meaning of the term: Holy Rosary Parish. We will all miss her; I will personally miss her. Ida, pray for all of us! Here’s part of Thursday’s homily:Archabbot Lambert Reilly of Saint Meinrad Archabbey often quotes a clever little poem. It’s very simple. He says, "Whenever I pass a church, I stop to make a visit. So that when I die, and they carry me in, the Lord won’t look up to say ‘Who is it?’"There is no chance of that today! The Lord knows very well who it is we bury this morning. Ida Mascari was no stranger to the Lord; she we certainly no stranger to Holy Rosary Church. In fact, I would have to say that during my time here, every time we unlocked the doors for just about anything, Ida Mascari was here. Through her deep Catholic Faith, very often here at her beloved Holy Rosary Church, Ida Mae Mascari came to know Jesus very, very well. She was no stranger to Him. He was no stranger to her.When I came to Holy Rosary nearly two years ago, Ida and Joe Mascari were just about the first people who introduced themselves to me. Although we had actually met several times before, Ida wanted to make certain that we would never be strangers. (I think she also wanted to let me know, in her own kind way, that I should watch my step. I was now part of a small but mighty parish, with a long proud tradition. And she was proud to be a part of that wonderful tradition, that is Holy Rosary, the Italian Parish of Indianapolis.)Ida loved her Holy Rosary Parish. If you belonged to Holy Rosary for any length of time, Ida and Joe would never be strangers to you. And there was hardly anything she did not do. First and foremost, she was a faithful worshipper. To Ida, the words of Saint Paul from today’s Funeral Mass, "While we live, we are responsible to the Lord" were to be taken seriously—very seriously. As often as she could, even on a daily basis, she would be at Mass either here, at Sacred Heart, or Saint John. Her Faith in God was strong and steady. Because of that Faith, Ida was an active member of the Community of Faith. She did her part; in fact, she did more than her share during her 83 years here. Name an event, a committee, a cause through the years—Ida Mascari was part of it. In her early days, she coached girls’ athletics at Holy Rosary School with more than one city championship for her teams. The Italian Street Festival has lost a great worker. No one will ever take her place, counting the money, taking the tickets. She was responsible to the Lord; so nobody was going to get by with anything.Last summer, when we decided to construct a new reconciliation room or confessional in the back, we asked if anyone would like to help with the cost. The ink on the bulletin with the notice was hardly dry before Ida was on the phone. She and Joe wanted to do this. And they did. They loved Holy Rosary. There was a special place in their hearts too for the Little Sisters of the Poor. Ida had specified that gifts for she and Joe’s 50th Wedding Anniversary were to go to the Little Sisters. The full extent of their generosity, no one will know, because they wanted it that way.One of the Lord’s good and loyal servants has died. Today we bring her earthly body here, to her beloved Holy Rosary Church, to be buried. It is here that she came so often to meet her Lord, to be fed at His table, to ask for her needs. One of those candles on Saint Joseph’s altar and another at Saint Anthony’s Shrine are "Ida’s candles." They burn right now for Ida and Joe’s intentions. What were those intentions? Only Ida knew. Perhaps some of us were part of it.Ida died so unexpectedly, so quickly without lingering pain. It as quick for her, but hard for us to accept. She died in March, the month of Saint Joseph, the patron of Italy and the patron of a happy death. The stories, her memories, her own loving ways will live on.Don’t forget the Tridium in Honor of Saint Joseph today and next Sunday from 1:30-2:00 p.m. Bring a friend. We are the Italian Parish of Indianapolis. The Feast of Saint Joseph, patron of Italy, is March 19. Holy Rosary’s annual Saint Joseph’s Table at Primo will be all Sunday afternoon March 26, from 12:00 Noon to 5:00 p.m. Proceeds benefit Catholic Education.Faithfully

Yours in God's Providence,

Rev. Msgr. Joseph F. Schaedel_