Msgr. Schaedelís letter for bulletin of February 4, 2001:

Dear Parishioners,

Somehow "Vocations Awareness Week" has gotten past me. It was actually a couple of weeks ago. There was so much to write about in terms of what is happening on the Pro-Life scene (remember, this is an issue that takes precedence) as well as other things at Holy Rosary, I have not said or written much about it.

As usual, The Criterion had an excellent supplement this year on religious vocations. It is in the January 19, 2001, issue. Our own vocation director, Father Joseph Moriarty, is doing a splendid job of recruiting vocations and keeping in touch with our seminarians. Father Moriarty works from the vocation office at the Catholic Center. He lives at Our Lady of Lourdes Rectory and assists on weekends at Saint Paul Newman Center on the campus of I.U.

Naturally, Father Moriartyís first job is to recruit seminarians for the priesthood here in the Archdiocese of Indianapolis. We have about twenty-five in various stages of formation. Since Saint Meinrad College closed a few years ago, our college men go to Saint Vianney Seminary on the campus of Saint Thomas University in Saint Paul, Minnesota. Unfortunately, itís a long way away from home, but itís a college seminary of high quality for our guys. And they have a problem thereóitís about full. No more rooms! We also have one college seminarian at Christendom College in Front Royal, Virginia, and another in a special program at Marian College here.

Most of our students in theology (the final four years of graduate work in theology before ordination) attend Saint Meinrad in southern Indiana. We have three studying at the North American College in Rome, Italy. We also have one deacon finishing his studies at the Catholic University in Washington, D.C.

Here are what I see as some very positive facts: In June 2001 we will ordain two men to the priesthood for the archdiocese. In June 2002 we plan to ordain eight men! This number (eight) is the highest number of ordinations to the priesthood in a single year for about the past twenty-five years. Thank God!

One of those scheduled to be ordained in June 2002 is Rob Hankee, the seminarian who frequently helps us here at Holy Rosary during the Christmas and Easter seasons. Rob attended Saint Pius X Grade School and Bishop Chatard High School. After graduating from Purdue, he felt called to the priesthood. I happened to be the vocation director at the time; so thatís how I got to know Rob so well.

Also, one of our high school altar servers, Sean Danda, has just been accepted as a seminarian for the archdiocese. Sean attended Saint Malachy School, Brownsburg, and is finishing his senior year at Cardinal Ritter High School. I got to know Sean and his family well when I was assigned to Saint Malachy Parish (just before I came here to Holy Rosary). Please keep Rob, Sean, and all of our seminarians in your prayers. As you know, my fondest dream is that Holy Rosary Parish will give more young men and women to the Church as priests, religious brothers or sisters.

As you know, Father Duvelius is a member of the Priestly Fraternity of Saint Peter. The Fraternityís main apostolate is to serve the needs of those who wish to attend the Traditional Latin Mass and receive the sacraments according to the ritual of 1962. Each month, in the rear of church, we have copies of the Fraternity newsletter available for everyone to take. I hope you pick one up each month.

If you read the Fraternity newsletter, you note that vocations to the Priestly Fraternity of Saint Peter are up as well. In fact, the Fraternity is building a new seminary located near Lincoln, Nebraska. Dozens of young men are attracted to the Fraternity because of its unique apostolate, devotion to the beautiful liturgical traditions of the Church, and fidelity to the Holy Father.

Much more can be said about religious vocations. Iíve said little or nothing about religious vocations for women. O, well, there is always next week. For now, let me simply say that I sense that we have "turned a corner" when it comes to religious vocations. I see the numbers increasing and national statistics seem to bear me out on this observation. Providence will provide! But we need to do our part. Pray for and promote religious vocations.

The Parish Council will meet at 7:00 p.m. this Wednesday, February 7th. Final plans will be made for our Valentine Dinner and Dance scheduled for Saturday, February 17th, following the 4:30 p.m. Mass. Do you have your tickets yet?

February is Catholic Press Month. Saint Francis de Sales is the patron of Catholic journalists. Do we do our part in reading and spreading good Catholic literature? I think our bulletin editor, David Walden, does an outstanding job of providing same within the pages of this very bulletin each week. Thank you, David!

Faithfully yours in Godís Providence,

Rev. Msgr. Joseph F. Schaedel