Letter from Msgr. Schaedel for bulletin of November 12, 2000)

Dear Parishioners,

We continue November, the month of the Holy Souls. We pray for all those who have died: the members of our own families, all the deceased members of Holy Rosary Parish, and particularly for the most forgotten, lot souls in purgatory—the Poor Souls. The names of those you asked us to remember in prayer as listed on the All Souls envelopes are on the altar all this month.

November also brought Election Day—if you can call it that! Many thanks to all those who participated in Holy Rosary’s night and day long vigil of prayer before the Blessed Sacrament. All hours of the day and night were well covered. At least three or four persons were in church praying at most of the hours. Let’s continue to pray for our leaders and our country.

And what an historic event this November 7th turned out to be! Many are quick to point out the flaw in our country’s election process. That may be. But, let me point out one very positive thing. In many countries, if there had been such a close vote followed by days of confusion and contest, there would be a war. But despite all the controversy, Americans got up as the usual the rest of the week, went to work or school, and life went on. America is far from perfect, far from being a really "Christian country." Yet we still thank God for many of the blessings we Americans enjoy.

The Parish Council met last Wednesday. We decided to slightly increase fees for weddings at Holy Rosary. Now it will be $100.00 for parishioners and $400 for non-parishioners. A 50% non-refundable deposit needs to be made at the time the church is reserved. Weddings are beautiful events, but lots and lots of work for our wedding coordinators, Billy and Alice DeLaCruz. It’s also lots of wear and tear on the church facility.

We discussed the eternal elevator project, our 2000 Giving Tree Project, and a Valentine Dance for Saturday, February 17, 2001. Mark your calendar!

Stewardship Commitment weekend was last weekend. We continue our collection of Stewardship commitment cards this weekend. The theme for this Jubilee Year 2000 is "Bringing generous hearts into the new millennium." A sample of how to complete your Stewardship commitment card was printed in last week’s bulletin. Everyone is asked to turn into the collection basket an "intention card." If you did not receive one in the mail, there are some extras in the back of church.

There are three parts to this Stewardship Commitment Card. The top front has a place for your name and address. The first two are in a sense, "no brainers." Do we plan to pray regularly? Do we intend to attend Mass consistently (which means every single Sunday and holyday of obligation).

On the front side of the card, number four asks about your financial gift to Holy Rosary Parish. It would be very, very helpful if you could at least estimate would it might be weekly, monthly, or yearly. It helps us plan. We depend on God’s Providence working through you. It would be more than very helpful if you could increase the amount of your financial support from what it is now. Utilities, insurance, salaries, supplies all go up every year. But that’s not always true of a person’s financial support.

The bottom of the front side asks for our Stewardship support of the United Catholic Appeal. All of our gifts to the United Catholic Appeal go to one of two areas: The first is Home Missions—These are archdiocesan parishes that simply cannot make it on their own. These churches could not keep their doors open unless they have help from the rest of us. The second are Shared Ministries—things that the Church must do, but we it together. Examples are Holy Family Shelter for the Homeless, Saint Elizabeth’s Home for Unwed Mothers, the Office of Pro-Life Activities and Birthline for pregnant women.

On the front, please mark both top and bottom of the card in reference to your financial gifts. In the middle of the card, number four, is for the parish. At the very bottom it’s for the United Catholic Appeal. This is a bit confusing. Although the card is perforated, do not separate the card. We will do this in the parish office. Be sure to include your full name and address at the very top if it is not printed there already.

If you need more time to reflect on your commitment, wait until next weekend to put your intention card in the Offertory collection basket. You can also drop it off at the parish office or mail it to us anytime. But we want to receive a card from every single parishioner. Even if you cannot participate at this time, just mark your card accordingly and turn it in anyway. If you have to, put down "zero." Whatever! But please turn in a card. That way we won’t have to spend lots of time trying to contact you. Please be generous with time, talent, and treasure in our Stewardship Campaign this Sunday. God has been very, very generous to Holy Rosary Parish. He will not be outdone in generosity.

In God’s Providence,

Msgr. Schaedel