Letter from Msgr. Schaedel for bulletin of October 22, 2000


Dear Parishioners,


Unfortunately, all of us have been reading about the horrible fighting in the Holy Land in the past few weeks. It strikes me as appropriate to pray to the Archangels: Saint Gabriel, Saint Michael and Saint Raphael for peace in the Holy Land. We celebrated their feast day on September 29th.


Saint Michael ranks high in Jewish tradition. Michael, whom we see as the captain of battle (Daniel, Chapters 10 and 12), is honored as the special protector of Israel (Daniel 12:1) Other ancient literature sees Saint Michael as the “great angel interceding for the human race.” We find Saint Michael also in the Apocalypse of Saint John (Revelation 12: 7-9) driving the demons from heaven.


For many years the prayers after Low Mass prescribed by Pope Leo XIII for a solution to the “Italian Problem” (the takeover of the Papal States by Italian nationalists) included a prayer to Saint Michael, the Archangel: “our safeguard against the wickedness and snares of the devil.” The angels and archangels are close to God and always ready to do His bidding. In hope, we should pray for their intercession for peace in the Holy Land, the precise place where they served as God’s messengers to the human race.


Our focus on Stewardship continues this week. The theme for this Jubilee Year 2000 is “Bringing generous hearts into the new millennium.” There are lots of “generous hearts” here at Holy Rosary. All parishioners should have received a mailing about this earlier this week. We focus on Stewardship to the larger Church in two ways this weekend. 


First, it’s Mission Sunday. There will be a second collection for the needs of missionaries throughout the world. As a youngster I remember vividly stories of missionary priests, brothers and sisters fearlessly spreading the Faith, particularly in countries like Africa, India or Japan. Do you realize that now Africa and other Third World Countries as well as Japan and India are producing numerous religious vocations? Some of these native vocations are coming to the United States and Europe as missionaries to aid us while religious vocations have declined. Our mission sacrifices are paying huge dividends - not to mention the most important thing - the salvation of souls!


Second, we consider this year’s United Catholic Appeal. Our gifts of treasure go to help the Archdiocesan Church do two things: Support Home Missions or parishes that cannot make it on their own; and Support Shared Ministries, things that parishes cannot do on their own but do together since it would make little sense to do it individually. Examples are the education of future priests, Saint Elizabeth Home for women with problem pregnancies, Holy Family Shelter for the homeless, food pantries and so on.


One thing that our United Catholic Appeal funds is the Archdiocesan Office of Pro-Life Activities and Birthline. Sister Diane Carollo, the director, will be here this weekend to share with us the good things that our gifts of time, talent and treasure are supporting.


By the way, Sister Diane is also forming a new religious community: The Servants of the Gospel of Life. These Sisters will work full-time in the Pro-Life Apostolate, dedicated to spreading what our Holy Father calls “the Gospel of Life” to counter the “Culture of Death” that is all around us. Some brochures describing the Servants of the Gospel of Life are in the back of church. Pray for Sister and the success of her work! It is vital.


This month you will be hearing and reading about our need to give back to God our gifts of time, talent and treasure in grateful response for the blessings He has given to us. In addition, every family in our parish and in every parish throughout the archdiocese will be asked to make a gift of time, talent and treasure to our parish and to the United Catholic Appeal. As you recall, the appeal is now combined with parish stewardship each fall.


Two of the most generous stewards at Holy Rosary Parish are Joe Mascari and his late wife, Ida Mae. They have a long history of generous gifts of time, talent and treasure to their beloved Holy Rosary Parish. Joe was 89 last Monday, October 16. Happy birthday, Joe!


We need a new representative to the Central Catholic Elementary School Board. Is anyone interested?


Again, here are a couple things you might be interested in: I’m giving a talk at the Marian Center (30th and Tibbs) at 7:00 p.m. on Tuesday, October 24th. It’s on issues Catholics must consider when exercising their right and duty to vote. The other is the annual “Christmas in New York” Pilgrimage to New York City, December 15-18. Details are on flyers in the back of church.


In God’s Providence,


Msgr. Schaedel