Letter from Msgr. Schaedel for bulletin of October 15, 2000


Dear Parishioners,


The Stewardship Season is upon us!  As we enter the new millennium, it seems fitting that we give thanks to the generous stewards among us who freely share their time, talent, and treasure with our parish and the archdiocesan community.  In fact, the theme of the 2000 Called to Serve appeal is “Bringing generous hearts into the new millennium.”


Your generous hearts continue to show through your sharing of time and talent to fulfill our parish mission, as well as through your gifts of treasure to make possible our ministries and the vital shared ministries and home missions of our archdiocesan Church.


Let me list some of the things I can think of right off the top of my head that we are all so thankful for here at Holy Rosary:

Those who assist at our Masses in special ways:  For example, our choirs, the altar servers, ushers; those who lead the rosary before the 10:00 Sunday morning Mass.

All of those generous hands and hearts who work so faithfully each year at the Italian Street Festival and Saint Joseph’s Table.

The wonderful outpouring of generosity at Sacred Heart Parish’s “Angels of the Heart” project.  I saw Father Michael, the pastor, and Jeri Warner, of their parish staff, earlier this week.  They were so grateful to see so many people, especially young families from Holy Rosary, turn out to help with this project to clean up the Sacred Heart Parish neighborhood.

The dedicated volunteers on our parish Pro-Life Committee, the participants in the Life Chain on Respect Life Sunday.

All those who turned out to help with the “Celebration in the Spirit of Hope” Jubilee Mass at the RCA Dome last month.

Parishioners who will be working on a very special fund raiser the first Sunday of December for someone who is desperately in need of our help as they battle an extremely serious illness.  (More about this later.)

The great participation rate each year on the Advent Giving Tree Project which provides Christmas gifts for families who would have little or nothing otherwise.

Those who give so generously and so faithfully each week in the Sunday collection, special collections for the Missions, and those who will give so generously this weekend when the Little Sisters of the Poor ask us for help in their work of serving the elderly poor.


Let me make it clear—this is only a partial list!  I could go on and on, but you get the picture.


This month you will be hearing and reading about our need to give back to God our gifts of time, talent, and treasure in grateful response for the blessings He has given to us.  In addition, every family in our parish and in every parish throughout the archdiocese will be asked to make a gift of time, talent, and treasure to our parish and to the United Catholic Appeal.  As you recall, the appeal is now combined with parish stewardship each fall.


The Parish Council met last Thursday.  We discussed the perpetual (or so it seems) elevator project.  The bottom line is that it can be done but for about twice the money we had expected to pay.  Unless we somehow come into loads of money, we’re going to have to explore some other alternatives.


We reviewed the 2000 Italian Street Festival Results.  You’ve already seen this figure.  We cleared just over $80,000.  That’s great!


We talked about Mass schedules for the upcoming holydays and holidays.  These remain about the same as in previous years with just a couple minor changes.  We will announce those as the time draws closer.


As I mentioned above, we also did some planning for our Stewardship Campaign and United Catholic Appeal, a very special fundraiser for a very special person, which will be held the first Sunday in December, the annual Advent Giving Tree Project, and some other odds and ends.  Our Roncalli High School representative, Michelle Mazza, also updated us on what’s going on at our deanery Catholic high school.  By the way, we need a new representative to the Central Catholic Elementary School Board.  Is anyone interested?  Let me know.  Our next parish council meeting will be Wednesday, November 8, at 7:00 p.m.


Here are a couple things you might be interested in:  I’m giving a talk at the Marian Center (30th and Tibbs) at 7:00 p.m. on Tuesday, October 24th.  It’s about issues Catholics must consider when exercising there right and duty to vote.  The second is the annual “Christmas in New York” Pilgrimage to New York City December 15-18.  Details are on the flyers in the back of church.


In God’s Providence,


Msgr. Schaedel