Msgr. Schaedelís letter of bulletin of October 10, 1999

Dear Parishioners

By the time you read this letter, fifty of us pilgrims should be returning from our pilgrimage to the Holy Shrines of France. I will have much to tell you! Thanks to so many of you who wished me well before we left on September 30.

Right before I left, we had a delightful visit from Fr. Arnaud Devillers, FSSP, the regional superior for the Priestly Fraternity of Saint Peter here in North America. He is a native of France so he was able to give me some tips on some "off the beaten track" places to visit while in France.

Fr. Devillers was here to visit with Fr. Duvelius and with me as Fr. Duvelius takes over his new assignment as associate pastor of Holy Rosary Parish with special attention to the Traditional Latin Mass Apostolate here in the Archdiocese of Indianapolis. All seems to be falling into place nicely. The religious education program is off and running too.

Remember that if anyone is interested in becoming a Catholic through the RCIA Program, we are doing this in conjunction with our neighboring Saint Patrick Parish. Call Sister Jean Marie at 631-5824 if you know of anyone interested in the Catholic Faith.

By the way, both Fr. Duvelius and I live at the cathedral rectory, 1347 North Meridian Street. As you know, there has been no rectory here at Holy Rosary for some years now since Eli Lilly bought it from the parish. However, the cathedral rectory is close; we can be here in less than five minutes.

This fall, all members of our parish, in communion with 75,000 Catholic households throughout the archdiocese, are being called to reflect on how God has blessed us and how we can share these blessings with our families, our parish and our archdiocesan community.

The family is often described as "the domestic Church." It is here that our values, beliefs, traditions and principles are taught. How can we serve by sharing our gifts of time and talent? Can we more generously share our gifts to produce a more prayerful, loving and supportive family life?

Our parish is a community of believers. We gather together to proclaim the Gospel, celebrate the sacraments, and meet the needs of our fellow parishioners. God also calls us to the service of those in need outside of our parish boundaries. Holy Rosary Parish has a reputation for sharing with those around us who are in need. How can we serve our parish by more generously sharing our time, talent and treasure to make available the human and financial resources necessary to do the work of the parish?

The 75, 000 Catholic households and 151 parishes that make up the Catholic Church in central and southern Indiana can do so much more together than we can do alone. By sharing our time, talent and treasure with our archdiocesan community, we are able to address the many shared ministry and home mission needs we face as a Church. We are able to share our gifts with our archdiocesan community through the annual United Catholic Appeal. The Appeal typically takes place in the spring of the year. However, this year we are asking for your commitment to both your parish and archdiocesan community at this time.

Our goal this year for the UCA is $9,300.00. Anything over our goal will be shared with our "home missions." These are poorer parishes that simply cannot make it on their own. The Parish Council decided that we would give half of our overage to them; retaining the other half to help with our expenses here.

By now, you should have received a letter in the mail from me. Accompanying this letter was a brochure about stewardship. With it is an intention card that will help you reach a personal decision about supporting our parish and archdiocesan community. We will also be speaking more about stewardship during our weekend Masses the next three weekends. I have also asked some of our parishioners to share their own stories of stewardship with us.

Please take some time to reflect on how God is calling you to serve your family, your parish and your archdiocesan community. With my letter in the mail was an intention card. You will be asked to return it in the envelope provided in the collection at Mass on Intention Sunday, October 31. Before then, both Father Duvelius and I will have more to explain about it.

Sincerely in Godís Providence,

Msgr. Schaedel