Dear Parishioners,

The Italian Street Festival is over and tucked away for another year. As many of you know, we sold some of the food that was left over last Monday night. There was not a whole lot to sell. We have some frozen cakes that were left. We will sell these this weekend after the Masses. They are a couple kinds of delicious chocolate and white chocolate cakes plus a few carrot cakes. Cost is a bargain, just $10.00.

This yearís festival was another great success! A more detailed report will follow concerning just how successful we were! Our success with the festival is the envy of any parish.

By the way, I was afraid I would do itóand I did! I ran the risk of forgetting someone when I named three people who were key to the success of this yearís festival in my letter last week. Of all people, I forgot to mention and thank the co-chair of the whole event, Matthew Iaria.

How could I do that? Thatís the first thing that came to mind when I realized what I had done. How could forget him? Well, the more I think about it, itís easy. Why? Because Matthew, like his co-chair David Page, is not out for recognition, applause, or anything of the sort. Matthew does so much of the "behind the scenes work" like making sure everything is ordered and in place for the event to begin on Friday afternoon. I also think he is the one who "swung" getting Channel 13 to televise the Pacer Game at our festival Friday night.

At any rate, apologies to you, Matthew (and family). Without you and so many others the whole thing would simply not happen. Sorry, but youíre easy to miss. You get things done for Holy Rosary. You too are a man of few words who simply does it! Thank God for guys like you!

Our next big project is an elevator for handicapped access to the church. We had a major but anonymous donor complete our campaign for this with a gift of $30,000. Iíve asked Gus Stinnett to head up this project. The construction of our new confessional or reconciliation room is slated to begin July 12. Weíre also putting some new closets in our "auxiliary sacristy."

A votive candle burning before a statue or shrine is not superstition. No, it is a sign of a prayer or an intention left there by someone. Each candle is a person or an intention. Each time we see a votive candle burning, we are reminded that we are a Faith community. We pray for and with one another.

In response to numerous requests, we will be adding some additional votive candles to our church. Beginning August 15, the feast of the Assumption, we will add four (4) perpetual votive candles to the shrines in front of the church: the Blessed Mother, Saint Joseph, the Sacred Heart, and Saint Anthony. I say "perpetual" because they will burn regularly and all the time.

Families may request the candles to burn for their intentions on a monthly or an annual basis. We ask an offering of $25.00 per month or $250.00 yearly. If you wish to do this, please contact Father Petko, the parish office, or me.

Weíre into summer now. With the festival over, school out, some folks on vacation, things are moving a bit slower around the parish. I would like to remind everything that summer is no time to take a "vacation from God." When traveling, make sure you know where the church is so you can attend Sunday Mass.

Also, donít forget your obligation to support your parish church through the Sunday collection. If you notice the totals each week in the bulletin, we are a bit behind on what we actually need to keep things in the black. Our fiscal year ends June 30. I wish we could "catch up" by then. This is the last weekend to do so.

June is the month of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Itís a beautiful symbol of Jesusís "all-burning" love each one of us. We have a beautiful statue of the Sacred Heart in the north east corner of our church. Each time you glance at it, remember that Jesus loves each one of us so much His heart could be said to be literally "on fire." God is passionate about saving us. All we need do is cooperate with His grace in our lives!

Next month, July, will be the month of the Precious Blood of Christ. Again, what a powerful symbol of Godís love for us.

In Godís Providence,

Msgr. Schaedel